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US Auto Sales Up 5.5 Percent

The US Auto sector closed out August with a 5.5 percent overall gain with an adjusted annual sales rate of 17.5 million units — the best since 2006. As an economic indicator this is ver…

Halo Products of the Chrysler Comeback

The Phoenix of the U.S. Auto Industry
With 51 consecutive months of sales growth Chrysler is the legendary two-time resurrected Phoenix of the US auto industry. And though still 4th in overall sales, Chrysler’s 9.2 percent rate of growth last mon…

Chrysler Rolls Through Winter Slump

In the face of a winter weather sales slump that has walloped big players like GM, Ford and Toyota, Chrysler pulled out another impressive 11 percent year-over-year sales increase in February.
The s…

Auto Industry Hits the Winter Skids

Massive successive winter weather events slow car sales.
The recent string of massive winter weather events slowed car sales nationwide. January saw a 3 percent decline in overall light vehicle sales with General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Honda all taki…

Jeep Earns Its Stripes Again!

You might say that Jeep — the battlefield workhorse of WWII — is earning its stripes all over again.
The most dramatic change at Chrysler Jeep has certainly been under the stewardship of Italian auto giant Fiat.